• Deniz’s funeral protected by women
    • 18:52 18

    İZMİR - At Deniz Poyraz's funeral, women set up barricades against the police's intervention on the yellow, red, and green pennant that ...

  • ‘We have to protect our unity’
    • 10:19 18

    MAXMUR - The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), which has been continuing its attacks against the Federated Kurdistan Region for 54 days, is ...

  • Lawyers prevented in Kobanê Trial
    • 15:02 17

    ANKARA - Lawyers who wanted to enter the Kobanê Political Genocide Trial, which was recessed, were prevented by the police. A quota was ...

  • Women to ask for account of massacre
    • 14:04 17

    NEWS CENTER - HDP Women's Council reacted to the attack on the HDP İzmir Provincial Organization and the murder of Deniz Poyraz by making ...

  • Kobanê Trial on its 4th day
    • 12:29 17

    ANKARA - The 3rd hearing of the Kobanê Political Genocide Case continues on its 4th day with the defense of the detained politicians.

  • ‘Justice’ watch on its 100th day
    • 15:59 16

    URFA - The "Justice" watch initiated by Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar in front of the Urfa Courthouse is on its 100th day. Making a statement ...

  • First examining in HDP case on June 21
    • 17:07 15

    ANKARA - The Constitutional Court will conduct its first examining on the indictment, which was re-prepared for the HDP's closure, on June ...

  • Meeting application for İmralı
    • 15:20 15

    ISTANBUL - The lawyers of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan once again applied to the Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor's Office to meet with their ...