• Freedom march from Êzidî women
    • 15:22 27

    NEWS CENTER - Seven years have passed since the massacre carried out by ISIS in Shengal, Êzidî women gathered in Suka Kevin and marched ...

  • Forest fire in Şenyayla
    • 15:28 26

    MUŞ - While it is stated that a fire broke out during the military operation in Şenyayla, the fire has been going on for hours in a large ...

  • One woman killed in Maraş
    • 16:36 23

    MARAŞ - Mehtap Kırlangıç, who lived in Maraş, was killed by Erkan Kırlangıç, whom she was in the divorce phase.

  • Munzur Festival canceled
    • 15:45 23

    DERSİM - Munzur Nature and Culture Festival Organizing Committee announced that the festival celebrations were canceled this year due to ...

  • ‘Justice’ watch on its 136th day
    • 13:47 22

    URFA - On the 136th day of the ‘’justice’’ watch, Emine Şenyaşar and her son Ferit gave the message that the calls on for justice ...

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