• Call from HDP for unity against ISIS
    • 15:56 07

    ANKARA - Making a statement on the new genocide attempts of ISIS, HDP Foreign Relations Commission Co-Spokespersons said, ‘’We call on ...

  • Adalet Kaya’s lawsuit adjourned
    • 12:55 06

    DİYARBAKIR - The hearing of the Chair of the Rosa Women’s Association, Adalet Kaya, was adjourned on the grounds that there were missing ...

  • Sêmalka resistance on its 59th day
    • 17:09 02

    NEWS CENTER - The vigil action started by the Martyrs’ Families Council at the Sêmalka Border Gate continues on its 59th day.

  • New indictment about Leyla Güven
    • 14:42 30/11

    DİYARBAKIR - Within the scope of the investigation launched in 2019 about DTK Co-Chair Leyla Güven, a new indictment was prepared by the ...

  • November 25 action in Basra
    • 16:10 25/11

    NEWS CENTER - In the Iraqi city of Basra, women took to the streets on November 25 and made action against violence.